Great Blue Hole, Belize

The Great Blue Hole

Looking like a giant eye in the ocean, the Great Blue Hole, about 50 miles off the coast of Belize, is a massive sink hole located in the Lighthouse Reef System.  It’s 984 feet across and 394 feet deep.  It’s considered one of the best scuba diving locations in the world. It was first a limestone cave system during the last ice age when the sea levels were lower.  When the water rose, the roof collapsed and the cave system filled up to be the beautiful underwater kingdom it is today.

Cross-sectional view of the great blue hole.

One of the best scuba-diving locations in the world


If I scuba-dived, it would definitely be on my bucket list.


Under-Water Hotels

Yup.  You read correctly.

Under-water hotels are the newest thing.

The first such hotel is the Jules Undersea Lodge.  Located in the Emerald Lagoon, Key Largo, guests dive 21 feet to their suite.  Never dived before?  No problem–lodge diving staff give you a three-hour crash course and all the gear.  The youngest diver to stay in the under-water habitat was a 10 year-old girl, who stayed with her dad and 12 year-old sister.  The accommodations are less than stunning, but hey–you just dived 21 feet without drowning so who cares.

The lodge consists of two 8 x 10 bedrooms which each have a fridge and sink, and an 8 x 20 common room.






If you desire more posh surroundings, try the Poseidon Under-Sea Resort in Fiji.


Artist's Depiction of Hotel Construction

At an estimated $30,000 per week, they don’t expect you to dive.  Jump into an elevator and go 40 feet down to a corridor in order to access your underwater pod.


Proposed Layout of the Poseidon.


Room with a View.

There are also plans in the works for a 7-star under-water hotel in Dubai, for a mere $28,000 per night. 

Guess I’ll be sleeping in my car.