Meet Botir

One of the reasons I hate travelling is that I don’t like sleeping in hotels.  My sleep requirements are exacting (ok, anal):  I need a certain type of mattress, my own down pillows, a down duvet, and–most importantly–some form of white noise.  At home, I sleep year-round with the ceiling fan whirling above my head AND a nightly rainstorm, courtesty of this great little app on my iphone (which is attached to a small bose system.)

But when I saw this little guy while surfing one night, I decided I might give hotels another go, just to meet him.

He’s Botir, a robot which delivers things to your hotel room.  Gets on the elavator, delivers the goods, exchanges pleasantries with you, makes cute noises, and then makes its way back home. Forget your toothbrush?  Not to worry–Botir will bring you one. Have a hankering for some bottled water? Not a problem for Botir.  I think I would spend the entire evening dreaming up things for it to bring me, just because it’s so cute.