Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, Iceland


Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in Iceland.

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Georthermal Spa holds geothermal sea water heated to jacuzzi water temps (37-39°C / 98-102°F) beneath the ground.  The water, rich in silica and other minerals, is renewed every 40 hours.  At first blush I thought that the lagoon itself brought forth the geothermal water, but, but upon reading further, it appears that “the geothermal seawater is brought to the lagoon for people to enjoy bathing in it, and to the R&D centre where its actives are isolated for use in Blue Lagoon skin care.”

No matter.  If you’re fond of jacuzzis and mud packs, you’ll love this.

Livin’ on the Cheap

Zen Pool at the St. Regis.

Apparently, Bora Bora is not a place one can live on the cheap.

Beautiful sunset at the St. Regis.

According to many travel sites that I visited, Bora Bora is expensive.  And food is extremely expensive.  One needs to budget for a minimum of $200 per day, per person, for meals–and that’s not including lunch.  Yowza.

I am undeterred, however.  While I can’t afford to stay at the prestigious St. Regis (see photos), I found some other options.

Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa/Manihi Pearl Beach Resort.  From $1978 (land only), you get five nights in each, with an overnight stay at the Manava Suite Resort in Tahiti.  Although this offer ends this month, I imagine similar offers would be available in the future.  Since you have to cover your own airfare, you need to slap on some additional dough to the cost (but maybe you can find a deal there too).  This particular get-away is equal to 5 free nights.  Not bad at all–if you don’t mind switching hotels.

The Over-Water Bungalows at the Moorea.

The Manava Resort in Tahiti.

Things are looking up.

I’ll leave you with this little video of the Moorea Resort.  Enjoy!