Hurricane Sandy and Lake Huron

The winds were deafening, amplified by the relentless rain.  It started Sunday, then worsened Monday, hitting its peak during the wee hours of Tuesday morning.  It lasted until 7:00, when the comparative silence indicated that the worst was over.

Did I say it was hard to sleep during a hurricane turned nor`easter?  Dang, it was.
Here are some photos of the wreckage where I live.  I’m so glad I wasn’t in NYC.



Mr. Dumbass: Part 2

If you read my previous post, you’ll recall that I was about to embark on a war of sorts with my neighbour (affectionately known as Mr. Dumbass) and his obnoxiously loud stereo.   Just when I had my fill and was heading out the door to break said neighbour’s face,  I happened upon a police officer on my street and asked him to intervene.  He went on his way and I went back home, only to find that Mr. D. was still playing his stereo at 140dB (that’s as loud as a jet, by the way; I looked it up).  Mr. Friendly Neighbourhood Police Officer hadn’t performed his duty, and I was pissed.

So off I go again, this time determined to either kill the S.O.B (my neighbour or the cop; who ever I saw first) and get some peace and quiet.  I jumped in my car, drove around the corner (Mr. Dumbass lives on the street over; our backyards almost corner each other) and what do I see but a police cruiser stopped by the side of the street,  its occupant leaning into the passenger side having a friendly confab with a passerby on the sidewalk.  Why, it’s Mr. Friendly Neighbourhood Police Officer!  I drive by Mr. FNPO and try to get his attention.  I fail.  (Fine, I tell myself.  If I kill Mr. Dumbass it’ll be on your head.)

I pulled up in Dumbass’ driveway and knocked on the door.  And rung the bell.  And knocked on the door again.  Mr. Dumbass Junior answered, and we have a brief chat. I never did get to kill maim beat the living shit out of see Mr. Dumbass.

I leave Junior to do the deed with his dad and jumped in my car again, this time pulling into a driveway just a few feet away from Mr. Friendly’s cruiser.  I waited on the sidewalk until the confab is over, and then popped my head in the passenger side window.  Me again, I say.  I informed Mr. FNPO of my visit to Mr. Dumbass and my confab with Dumbass Junior.  I don’t think he gave a shit, although he was very polite. Then I went home. To my great relief, it was quiet.  Junior came through for me. Yay Junior.

An oh–I received a refund from that website I mentioned earlier. Yay website.

Here are some beachy photos†,  just to celebrate my victory over noise pollution and useless apps:

Sailboats on Lake Huron, 2011

A little visitor while sitting on the beach.

Bora Bora

Buddy and his toy.

† all photos are mine except for Bora Bora, but I will take credit for sprucing it up a little.

The Ides of March

It was so unbelievably warm today.  Mid-summer temps and I was actually sweating in the heat.  I don’t know if this beautiful weather is foreshadowing a horrible April, but I thought I would take advantage and went off to the beach.

The Calm Shores of Lake Huron.

I’m thinking of taking photography lessons.  I’ve got a Canon 40D, and a few lenses.  Just need to know how to use it properly, and be less reliant on photoshop-y programs.  Summer is probably the best time to start learning–all those purty flowers and beach scenes to photograph.

I hope my first experiments aren’t of snow on my tulips. O.o

Edited to Add:  damn this post is boring.  I had high hopes for it:  I took tons of photos at the beach, but because I save them in raw rather than jpeg they take 100 years to upload.  Plus, they kinda sucked.

Another thought, while I’m here and my pictures didn’t turn out.  I was checking out the “humour” blogs and many of them ARE funny.  Others, not so much.  Some of them had almost 1,000 followers, and what passed for humour was just mean-spirited and sophomoric.  Now, I am a teensy bit on the sarcastic side myself, so I’m not one to throw stones, but honestly, this stuff didn’t even make me crack a smile.

To each your own, I guess.

I’m probably jealous.