A New Kind of Coral Reef

The final installment of the fascinating world of Jason deCaires Taylor.


Under Water Sculpture Park, Grenada

The Under Water Sculpture Park in Grenada, West Indies, should be the 8th wonder of the world.

Moilinere bay is now home to sixty-five sculptures, covering an area of 800sq metres. It is located two miles north of the capital St Georges on the west coast of the island, within an area designated a National Marine Park.  The bay is enclosed by rock headlands and has a small beach in one corner. Within the Bay the sea ranges in depth from 0- 25m. It can be reached by land, by walking down to Dragon bay and following the beach down in a southerly direction. It is roughly a 10 minute boat ride from St Georges and 15 minutes from Grand Anse.

Moiliniere Bay suffered considerable storm damage in recent years and the placement of an artificial structure has provided a new base for marine life to proliferate. The sculptures were also designed to create a diversion from other areas of coral reef currently endangered by over use from water actvities. (from the Grenada Project.)

The park is the brain child of Jason Decaires Taylor.  You can read more about him here.