Komoka Provincial Park, Canada

Komoka Provinical Park is located in London, Ontario, Canada, just a short drive away from my sister’s house.  My sister is a fitness nut, and goes hiking there alot.  A few years ago, Buddy the dog and I decided to go hiking with her.   On an empty stomach.  With no water.  In really hot weather.

We were three-quarters into the hike when I felt dizzy.  I needed water so badly I wanted to lie in wait and mug the next hiker with a water bottle.  Somehow I made it back in an upright position.  My sister didn’t even break a sweat.

You’d think I would have learned.

This past Sunday I was back, only this time with a heavy, cumbersome camera bag that got exponentially heavier with every step.  I did, however, bring water and ate a sandwich before I left.

My sister acted as guide and sherpa, carrying my camera bag for at least a third of the journey.  Helen, my photographer friend, stoically refused to let anyone carry her camera bag until I forced her to relinquish it on the way back. ( I traded her the bag for Buddy-on-a-leash).  Amazing that we/I managed to snap some decent shots.  And oh–I fell over a rock while taking a picture.  Of rocks.  And to think I wanted to work for National Geographic.


A level path in the park where we took a much needed break.


The infamous rock path where I fell.


View of the Thames River. Now we had to hike all the way back. Did I say it was hot as hell?


Helen is still wearing her camera bag! (That’s my sister, seated.)


Angels Landing, Zion National Park, United States

Located near Utah, the Zion National Park provides some beautiful scenery and hiking trails.  If gentle meandering up and down grassy slopes isn’t your style,  maybe you’d like to visit the Hua Hiking Trail in China (reviewed earlier) or Angels Landing.

View from the summit of Angels Landing

Among other things, the trail is known for the 21 “switchbacks” called Walter’s Wiggles, named after the park’s first superintendent, who built them himself.  Switchbacks are trails which zigzag rather than go straight in order to prevent surface erosion.  Photo sources can be accessed by clicking.

Walter’s Wiggles

Looking Down at Walter’s Wiggles

I get dizzy just looking at it.

Can you say paralyzed with fear?

Near The Top

Just when I decided that this hike was only for the vey fit (and very brave), I came across this photo:

Pregnant lady at the top of Angels Landing

Now I’m really embarrassed.

Hua Shan Hiking Trail, China

If you’re a hiker and an adventurer, the Huashan Hiking Trail might be for you. But it’s NOT for the faint of heart, believe me.

The trail spirals up Mount Hua in Shaanxi Province.  Mount Hua is one of five mountains and is full of religious significant to the Taoist.  Tenacious monks would traverse the trail, particularly at night, in order to reach the peak by dawn.  When you see the trail, you’ll appreciate how hair-raising this had to be.  Many students and tourists are following in the monks’ footsteps and hiking the trail themselves.  If you don’t want to break your neck, you can take the gondola.


Gondola rides for the less adventurous tourist.


The tamer part of the trail.


The trail starts to get tricky…


These stairs are so steep you’re mountain-climbing.


Climbing the trail with footholds. And no net.


A very brave woman.


This is where I would turn around!




Taking a rest or too scared to move?

I cannot imagine hiking this trail, myself.  Kudos to those crazy people who do!

South Peak summit.

Preikestolen, Norway

Preikestolen, or Pulpit Rock, is massive cliff approximately 2,000 feet above the Lysefjord in Norway.  It’s a two-hour hike both ways, and requires hiking boots and a reasonable about of fitness.

I’d love to get to the top and take photos.

Afraid of heights, anyone?

Map of Preikestolen Camping Park.

Lady and pup hiking up to the peak.

Don't Look Down!

At The Top.