My Other Love

Buddy the dog and Clancy the cat, afternoon snooze.

In addition to my love of all things beachy, I love animals.  It’s genetically inbred; I come from a family of animals lovers, although I’m the first person to have a cat and a dog.  I would adopt more if I was allowed by law (the bylaws where I live limit pet ownership to two dogs and one cat per person.)

The tangled mass of fur to your left are my babies. Buddy is 8-year-old mutt and Clancy is a 2-year-old Ragdoll cat.  They get along very well, which is amazing considering what a pain in the butt Buddy is.  Buddy would never let Clancy get this close unless he was sleeping.  Clancy takes full advantage.

I love them dearly and can’t imagine life without them.

Bless their sweet little hearts.


4 thoughts on “My Other Love

  1. Animals are magic. My blog is mostly mental, aside from side trips for art or inanity or if I think the Eagles wrote a song specifically for me. But I was thinking about working an animal into every depressive post, to spice it up. They’re a healing lot. Except for hyenas and crocodiles. The hooved critters of Africa could do without them.

    What a lovely canine you have! Where do you live that you are so pet-restricted?

  2. Hey MM–how yah doing baby!

    Animals ARE magic, for sure. My babies have kept me on this earth more times than I can count.

    Buddy the dog says thank you. He thinks he’s pretty handsome. 🙂 I live in a small city in Ontario where they have really dumb by-laws: 2 dogs per family, and 1 cat per person per family. Still can’t figure that one out. O.o

    Thanks for stopping by, and I really hope you feel better soon. ((hugs))


  3. I love animals too. I have ashih tzu dog named Apple (first dog got her nov. 2010). also have 2 turtles, a fish tank with crabs, snails, fish, etc. and a lizard or two. 😉

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