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Gorges de Verdon, France

Located in Southeastern France and near the French Riveria, the Verdon Gorge (fr: Gorges de Verdon) is a spectacular river canyon, approximately 75 meters long and up to 700 meters deep.  The gorge was was formed by the Verdon River, and ends with the man-made lake,  Lac de Sainte-Croix.


The Verdon Gorge is a very popular place to visit for tourists, who can rent bikes, kayaks, and enjoy car tours.  The contrast of the limestone rock and turquoise waters make it picture perfect any time of the year.

Boating in the Lac.


And oh yes.  Those limestone cliffs are especially attracting for mountain-scaling.  Think I’d stick to sunning and boating.


Scaling the cliffs of the Verdon Gorge.




Git Nekked

A blog about beautiful beaches wouldn’t be complete without a discussion of nude beaches.

I’ve never been naked on a beach (unless you want to count that time I lost my bathing suit top and that old guy with the binoculars waved at me).  I think it would be kind of fun, although I’m a scaredy cat and don’t think I would ever do it.

It’s not like everyone would stare at me.  Just because a beach is “clothing optional”, there are rules.  For example, Wreck Beach, in Vancouver, Canada, reminds you that “nude is not lewd”, and inappropriate behaviour such as gawking, staring, or making rude comments won’t be tolerated.  You also can’t photograph or film there.  Wreck Beach hosts events like the Annual Bare Buns Run, music festivals and food tests (all nude of course).

Bare Buns Run at Wreck Beach, Vancouver

Group Shot at Wreck Beach

I was surprised, actually, at the number of nude beaches in North America--there are hundreds.

If you want to extend your naturist inclinations beyond the parameters of the beach,  you have to visit the The Naturist Village in Cap d’Agde, France.  Known as the “world capital of nudism”, the self-contained village not only has nude beaches but nude banks, restaurants, and shops!  Visitors are required to report in at the main desk before entering, and then they can enjoy the village sans clothes for the rest of their stay.

Naturists enjoy the beach in Cap d’Agde

Apparently the locals are getting fed up with the tourists, who think the village is an invitation for one big orgy.  According to The Guardian,

“an explosion of libertarianism” is turning their 40-year-old resort into the “European capital of debauchery” and an “open-air brothel”. Their anger is directed at an influx of foreign nudists with, they claim, only one thing on their minds. The newcomers, they say, are more interested in orgies and naked exhibitionism.

Among the worst culprits, say villagers, whose numbers go from 300 in winter to 40,000 in the high season, are Italians. Local naturists, including many grandparents, said they were “shocked” by the sight [of the foreigners] copulating in public.  Florence Denestebe, 35, a local councillor,  is writing to the state prosecutor demanding public decency laws be upheld.

Those naughty Italians. 🙂