You Know You Live Near Seniors When..

Cherryhill Village, an apartment community in London, Ontario, has been predominantly a seniors enclave for many years.  With its close proximity to the University of Western Ontario, however, the demographic has been slowly changing.  Now you see seniors and their walkers living happily along side of university students, young families, and middle-aged people like me.

In spite of the increasingly younger population, however, one is constantly reminded that the majority of residents are still geriatric.  It’s not unusual to see EMS personnel on the elevator with a senior resident strapped to a gurney and a waiting ambulance outside. And when you see a police car accompany that ambulance, its fairly certain that someone probably died.

The other day I was waiting at the elevator and saw that someone stuck an obituary notice above the elevator keys.  Since we have a bulletin board in our laundry room for such things and since obits don’t belong in lobbies (!!), I figured this was the work of a family member who didn’t know better.  I pulled the obit off the wall and stuck it where it belongs.

A few days later I was checking my mail and turned to see an opened box of Attend Adult Diapers sitting on a bench.  Why anyone would think that adult diapers belong in the lobby is beyond me, so I moved them to a shelf in the laundry room under the obits. Exhibit A:


I’m in my 60th year, but I’m not ready for obits and free diapers.  I hope I never am.


Almost Summer


Me, after A/C. (You don’t want to know what I look like without it.)

So I’ve been playing russian roulette with spring, with each spin of the chamber hoping that hot weather doesn’t arrive before the A/C guys, from whom I rent air conditioning units.

I lost.

In true Ontario fashion, unseasonably cold temps gave way to middle-of -July get-in-the-shade-and-drink-beer heat.  And I had no A/C. And the heat is still on in the apartment building until the middle of freakin’ June.  An OH-EM-GEE moment, if ever there was  one.

So I cancelled my rentals and headed down to Rona’s first thing this morning to buy me a portable air conditioner.  It weighed as much as my car, but I managed to slide it out of the trunk and onto a dolley.

Only the dolley wouldn’t fit in the elevator. I sat on a bench in the lobby with my precious cargo pondering my dilemma when the building manager strolled by.

“That won’t fit in the elevator,” he said smiling. “Let me get you a smaller one.”

He turned around and went into the parking garage and brought back the proper dolley. ‘

“Here, let me.”  He lifted the heavy box up and plopped it down on the dolley effortlessly.

I could have kissed him.


Portable unit chillin’ the bedroom

I went upstairs and emailed by neighbour, who came by about 40 minutes later and helped me get it the thing off the dolley and into the bedroom.  We stuffed the hose in the window and voila!  Nice cool boudoir.

I had thought of only getting one, but had second thoughts.  I HATE being hot.

“Could you come back with me to Rona’s to get the second unit?”

“Of course,” my nice neighbour said.

“And install it?” I asked guiltily.

“Of course,” he said again.



New Window unit–note that the sheets are losing a valiant effort to block heat from the heat register.

So here I sit in my apartment on a 90 degree day, with two A/C units blasting, thinking how much poorer I am (those suckers are expensive!) but inevitably richer for having such nice people living just down the hall.

Bath Time

I took Buddy the dog for a long walk around the hood the other day. He was thrilled. I think dogs forget that the “out there” exists when they haven’t seen much of it for months.

All that melting snow turned everything to muck, and most of it stuck to Buddy. Much to his dismay, this necessitated a B-A-T-H in the T-U-B. Buddy hates having a B-A-T-H and wonders why he can’t stay D-I-R-T-Y. I’ve tried to explain it to him, but he still prefers  D-I-R-T  to   W-A-T-E-R.

Apartment living makes the B-A-T-H a bit of a challenge.  I no longer have a laundry tub so I have to use the bathtub.  Once in, Buddy prefers to stand as far away from faucet (and me) as possible.  This time, though, I had a plan:  I got in with him.  Buddy never saw that coming.

He survived his ordeal, though, and once out of the porcelain container of death he was a happy camper.  He plopped himself on the towel and started falling asleep before his head hit the ground.


Well, Crap.

If you remember from my last post, I had great intentions of starting an exercise regime.  Today I found out that our health club was flooded and would be closed “indefinitely” until management can assess the damage.  Remembering the debacle last year around the pool closure, we could be in for a long wait.

In the meantime I will do laps around the complex, as long as the weather holds up.  And speaking of the weather, the unseasonably balmy weather of a few weeks ago gave way to unseasonably frigid weather, bringing the snow squalls and snow accumulations we’ve come to expect as Canadians.

So what to do when it’s  -20 and snowing?  Watch your neighbour make a snow angel. 🙂

The Terrace Nazi

Why are people so damn dumb sometimes.

I want the property managers of my apartment complex to put me on payroll.  Either that, or give me eviction authority.

My beautiful terrace (and yes I know it’s not MINE but’s it mine) has a railing because it’s on a elevation.  This had enticed several people in the damn dumb category to come up on to MY terrance (ok, THE terrace) to run their dogs off-leash.  And it’s always the people who have large, untrained dogs that do it.  So now when I hear someone outside and it’s an illegal dog runner, I go out on the balcony in my bedroom slippers and give them shite.

The other thing that people are doing is throwing all manner of food off their balconies to feed the squirrels. Unfortunately the skunks and wild turkeys beat the squirrels to it.  (Seriously—we have roving bands of wild turkeys!)  These people have been told countless times to stop, including just this month when I asked our district property manager to post a formal notice.  Still didn’t stop them. I haven’t caught them yet but I have considered rigging a videocam somewhere to catch the offenders in the act.

People sometimes.

Anyways.  There was a wee Christmas get-together this afternoon in my building and my neighbour popped by with her dog, adorned for the occasion.  Isn’t she a doll?