You Know You Live Near Seniors When..

Cherryhill Village, an apartment community in London, Ontario, has been predominantly a seniors enclave for many years.  With its close proximity to the University of Western Ontario, however, the demographic has been slowly changing.  Now you see seniors and their walkers living happily along side of university students, young families, and middle-aged people like me.

In spite of the increasingly younger population, however, one is constantly reminded that the majority of residents are still geriatric.  It’s not unusual to see EMS personnel on the elevator with a senior resident strapped to a gurney and a waiting ambulance outside. And when you see a police car accompany that ambulance, its fairly certain that someone probably died.

The other day I was waiting at the elevator and saw that someone stuck an obituary notice above the elevator keys.  Since we have a bulletin board in our laundry room for such things and since obits don’t belong in lobbies (!!), I figured this was the work of a family member who didn’t know better.  I pulled the obit off the wall and stuck it where it belongs.

A few days later I was checking my mail and turned to see an opened box of Attend Adult Diapers sitting on a bench.  Why anyone would think that adult diapers belong in the lobby is beyond me, so I moved them to a shelf in the laundry room under the obits. Exhibit A:


I’m in my 60th year, but I’m not ready for obits and free diapers.  I hope I never am.


Move Countdown: T Minus 11 and Counting

Moving day is gettin’ close.

I received the keys to my apartment on June 15, and have made several trips to the apartment to get a head start on settling in. Mostly, I brought storage items in order to determine whether I have more purging to do.  I’m proud (and a little shocked) to say that the apartment’s three closets will accommodate my storage needs.

example of thermofoil doors.

example of thermofoil doors.

A few weeks ago I asked the property manager about replacing the existing kitchen cabinet fronts which had seen better days.  I didn’t hold out much hope, but to my delight and surprise she approved the request and the new white thermofoil fronts, with pewter pulls, are being installed this week.  My delight was tempered with a bit of concern after I read online that thermofoil cabinetry isn’t heat resistant, and has been known to peel if there isn’t a heat shield installed around hot elements, like a stove or dishwasher.  I emailed the property manager about this, and she assured me that she’s never seen this happen and that the “beauty of a rental is that if there’s damage it will be repaired or replaced without cost to you.”  Good.  I’m keeping that email and holding her to it.

Rocky Road by Benjamin Moore, aka my apartment journey.

The rocky road of apartment selection.

In addition to new kitchen cabinet fronts, I decided I needed a new colour on the walls to replace the sickly yellow ivory.   It’s a fairly large space to paint by myself, so I recruited family members to assist. One thing led to another and family members decided that they would hire a professional painter as an apartment-warming gift. Except for the bathroom and bedroom, the entire apartment is now painted in a nice neutral shade, emblematically called Rocky Road.  It’s amazing how a nice paint colour can transform a space, particularly an apartment, which otherwise can be fairly boring.

The complex is an interesting mixed bag of residents:  seniors and university students.  My building is 80% seniors, several of whom I met over the past week. It’s interesting how differently the old and young interact; from the younger residents you get a polite hello, while the senior residents give you their life story in a 30 second elevator ride.  (Well, not quite, but they are very chatty.)  During one of my trips,  I met Catherine, who happens to live down the hall. She told me that no way was she going to live somewhere and not know her neighbours, so she gave me the lowdown on each of them. So now I know that the 90-something-year-old lady who lives on my right is a nice lady who doesn’t get out much but shares her newspaper with everyone, and that the 80-something year old lady who lives on my left is afraid of dogs until she gets to know them.  I must have passed muster, because Catherine told me that the ladies will be so happy to hear that they will have a “nice neighbour.” And I think I’ll have nice neighbours too.

Gettin’ Old is Gettin’ Fun.

I can barely believe I’m pushing 60.  I’ve got 4 more years, give or take, but still.

There are advantages of getting old, as I recently discovered.  It’s not all droopy boobs and a thickening waistline.

Recently,  I went shopping at The Bay.  It so happened to be the first tuesday of the month, and I had my eye on a Michael Kors watch that was half-price. The nice (young) clerk asked me (quite apologetically) if I qualified for a senior’s discount.  How old would I have to be, I asked.  55 and over, she answered.  I clapped my hands and giggled like a schoolgirl.  Another 15% off the watch!  I was thrilled. The clerk never saw a woman so delighted in being old.  After buying the watch, didn’t I turn around and buy a pair of sandals too.  I could get used to this.

Now I’m a senior discount addict.  I’m becoming pretty good at ferreting out which stores offer which discounts on which days.  It’s becoming quite a task to go shopping, driving all over the city to snag all the good discounts, let me tell you.

Mind you, not all stores offer the discount below age 60–The Bay, as it turned out, is one of them.  Seems that the clerk made a wee boo-boo. I happened to see the discount sign on the way out, announcing 60+ being the magic age, not 55+.    Did I go back to notify the clerk?  Not on your life.  I was on a senior discount high.

My senior purchases so far:


My Michael Kors watch, which I discover I can wear when I go skin-diving, should I ever try it.


Clarks sandals–the most comfy pair of sandals ever.


Gehwol Salve. Not the most glam purchase, but I got a discount!

I’ve also discovered that I can go to quite a number of vacation destinations and receive a senior’s discount, like this one:


Sonesta Maho Beach Resort and Casino, St. Maarten.

I would receive 35% off their best available rates.  That’s nuthin’ to sneeze at.

This aging business could turn out to be fun after all.