About the Goddess

It’s true.  In a former life I was a tahitian goddess.

Apparently I mouthed off once too often and pissed off the gods.   My punishment? Reincarnation as a middle-aged woman in a cold-ass climate.  It could have been worse; although too cold for my liking, Canada is the best country on earth.

Life hasn’t always been a walk on the beach. In my 20’s and again in my 30’s,  I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which I’m happy to report had its ass kicked by chemo, radiation, and blind luck.  I’ve also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but I think it’s really N.A.B.S. ( Need A Beach Syndrome).  I’m hoping to get medical dispensation to move to Tahiti.

This blog chronicles my Canadian life and my tropical dreams, the latter complete with blinding white sand, grass skirts and corn braids (just kidding on the braids).  It’s what I do until I can get back to where, as the song goes, I once belonged.

The countdown begins.


16 thoughts on “About the Goddess

    • thanks Jennifer! If Newfoundland was warmer I’d move there in a heartbeat–so beautiful.

      We’ve got a few more months of warm weather in Ontario, depending on our wacky weather. Last October and this March we hit record warm temps and it off to the beach again.

  1. nice blog! we are very similar, judging based on a quick run through of your blog. I have always wanted to go to french polynesia and bora bora also, but never have (yet) due to $$$ issues. hopefully someday, and also I can travel to some other exotic & scenic locales too. for now, I live in SE florida, much closer to that than my previous locale, Phila., PA and NY. lol

    • Thanks Robin!

      If only French Polynesia were more affordable, eh? I am envious that you live in Florida–at least you have year-round sand and surf. 🙂

      Thanks for popping by!

  2. also, I stayed at beaches turks & caicos twice. one of my favorite resorts (and my kids). although pricey! but that and curacao are to date our favorites. are you on facebook? my e mail is fredageller@yahoo.com, contact me there if you want to become FB friends (you may enjoy my albums and nature adventures). I have blogs on blogger, mainly about my children, but stoped blogging in favor of facebook.

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