Going To Oz

Canadians know that when it’s been hot and humid for days, a tornado is probably in our future.  Sometimes we dodge it, sometimes we don’t. This was one of those times that we didn’t. A couple of days ago, Alberta had a nasty one touch down in a farming community near its southern edge.  (Miraculously, a dog that was scooped up as the tornado passed managed to land somewhere safely, and find her way home.) On the same day London, Ontario had its flirt with disaster. The photos below show the beast as it rolled in around 1:00 in the afternoon.   Some people said it looked like the mothership in Independence Day, and I kind of think so too.


Tornatic funnel cloud,  July 19, 2019. (Image courtesy of Michael Wismer)



Tornadic funnel cloud, July 19, 2019. (Image courtesy of Ontario Storms.com)

When the warning came over my cell phone I went outside on the terrace to have a look.  Tornado clouds are scary-looking things and it didn’t take me long to boot it back inside. I left Clancy and Buddy sound asleep in the apartment and took the stairs to the lobby to see several residents standing at the building’s entrance, looking skyward. A few moments later, the word came that it was moving east and more or less missed us–but not before a lightening bolt struck a tree in the south end, felling the tree and sending wood schrapnel flying in every direction. A near-miss for us, but not for the tree.


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