Moments That Feed the Soul


On Sunday a friend and I went to Toronto to see Come From Away, a musical about how the people of Gander, Newfoundland took care of the folks who were displaced when their planes were diverted to Canada during 9/11.  It’s a story that, prior to the musical, only Canadians seemed to know about; I can still remember our collective disappointment (and anger) when George Bush gave his State of the Union address soon after the attack and thanked EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY except Canada.  That the U.S. closed its airspace but Canada allowed the planes in–not knowing if any more terrorists were on board–was worthy of a wee mention, in our view. (We found out, years later, that the speech writers made the gaff and tried to alert Bush to the error–but he was not inclined to change his speech after he had already rehearsed it. It was Colin Powell who stepped up and tried to make amends in the press, god bless `em.)

Anyhow: better late than never. If you haven’t seen the musical, GO SEE IT!  The music is awesome, the story-telling is riveting, and I swear you’ll laugh, cry, and want to get up and dance in the aisles.

It’s food for the soul, and these days we could all use a healthy dose of that.

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