Delayed Gratification

I admit it:  when it comes to cars, I am not a fan of delayed gratification.  I want one NOW.

My current vehicle is an 8-year-old Subaru Forester.  Foresters are bullet-proof, but not without their quirks.  My Forester has a minor oil leak, which would be a nothing burger to fix in any other car that doesn’t have a boxer engine.  The Forester’s boxer engine makes the leak impossible to reach without hauling the entire engine out, a costly fix. I’ve been stop-gapping the drip by adding thickeners to the oil at every oil change, but this doesn’t stop the oil from intermittently dripping on to hot spots in the engine and stinking to high heaven.

So a new car it is.

It might seem like a contradiction to say that I am also a bullheaded car shopper, a veritable Nazi with car salesmen–especially the kind who think they can trick you into buying a car using lame tactics, like talking up the vanity mirrors. (For some reason, car salesmen think this is a great selling feature for women.)  My father taught his daughters well.

Imagine my surprise and delight, then, when I walked into a Ford dealership and got none of that. One of the reasons, I think, was that I was purchasing the car on a discount plan Ford gives current and retired employees and their families. When I told the salesman my brother-in-law was a former employee and I would be accessing his discount, buying the car was as straightforward as buying a loaf of bread–well, a fully loaded loaf of bread with a moon roof, leather interior, and a nav system.

I can’t wait to get my new car and enhale that new car smell.  Ain’t it awesome?


2019 Ford Edge, SEL

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