Fuck Face Von Clownstick

Congratulations, America.   You elected a xenophobic, narcissistic con artist. No-one predicted his win, but win he did.

Throughout this election, journalists and pundits have been editorializing about him, trying to make sense of how someone so supremely unqualified to be president could have such mass appeal. Their theories about the economy and voter anger, however, sorely missed the mark.  Those issues–and even his peculiar spin on them– didn’t distinguish him from the other GOP candidates or the Democratic nominee.

No, the issue that set him apart from everyone else was, quite simply, an ugly truth: In this post-9/11 world, his campaign nudged a tiger: a deeply festering xenophobia, an intractable racism, that was waiting for the opportunity to pounce.  And I’m angry at you for letting this happen.  Or maybe, as a Canadian, I’m afraid that this will happen to us someday.

So now it’s over.  You have four years of him, and you and I and everyone else must endure the fallout of his legacy.

Until then, good luck with President FuckFace Von Clownstick.   We’ll be watching.


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