Mr. Poopy

You know those moments when you think to yourself, “this is a bad idea”?

Because of his sensitive gastrointestinal tract, I have to buy Buddy the dog specially-formulated dog food from the vets. It costs a fortune but saves both of us a lot of grief in poop messes.  As fate would have it, I ran out of his special food on Labour day weekend and had to pick up some ordinary dog food at the grocery store.  Enter the bad idea.


The miracle cleaner.

Two mornings later, I awoke to doggy diarrhea all over the carpet.  I stopped feeding Buddy the crappy food (pun fully intended) and decided to cover the carpet with puppy pads until the poop assault was over.  The next morning I awoke to more poop–and none of it on the puppy pads.  (Apparently, carpets are better landing zones for diarrhea than disposable paper.) So I spent the next few mornings, sans coffee, cleaning the carpet with Folex (a great carpet cleaner, by the way.)

After a week Mr. Poopy was still leaving pudding poops on the carpet, so the vet was summoned and medication was prescribed. The new medication stopped the night messes, but Mr. Poopy was still not in good form. Off to the emergency vets we go, where Mr. Poopy was force-fed barium (which has a prophylactic effect on irritated bowels) and, if that wasn’t bad enough, subjected to the indignity of having his nether regions probed.  Another prescription was written, and about $400 and several carpet cleanings later, Mr. Poopy is finally on the road to recovery.


Mr. Poopy, convalescing.

He still hasn’t forgiven me for the anal probe.



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