If There’s A Snow Squall, I must be in Ontario

After an unseasonably mild start to winter, Mother Nature decided to remind us where we lived.

Temps at minus 15 and lake effect snow announced the arrival of winter today.  For those unfamiliar with snow squalls, it’s a phenomenon of living in the Great Lakes region.  The lakes are too deep to freeze, so the unfrozen water mingles with the frigid temps and dumps an ungodly amount of snow on those of us living in its path. Payback for all that beach time.

It’s the first time in over 10 years that I don’t have to shovel snow (or pay someone else to do it.) because I’m now in an apartment.  It’s also the first time in FOREVER  that I don’t have to clear snow off my car before I go anywhere or break snow scrapers trying to dig out all that frozen snow behind my tires (I’ve never had a garage). Underground parking rocks.

With temps that cold, many homeowners find that they’re cranking up their heat. Not me.  These older apartments use boilers to heat the building and once the heat is on, it’s on.  Temperature regulation is achieved by  opening  your windows, rather than dialing up a thermostat. When I get up in the morning, I find the cat seeking refuge in the bedroom closet and the dog cuddled up in my dirty clothes, which he dug out of the laundry basket. (Gotta get those guys a duvet.) Once I throw my duvet off I’m off closing all the windows–until it heats up again, and the whole process repeats itself.

An inconvenience, but a tradeoff when I think about how I don’t have to do anything when it snows besides watch the pretty snow flakes fall.

Nothing makes you appreciate apartment living more than a Canadian winter.


Not taken from my balcony but I thought it was pretty.


4 thoughts on “If There’s A Snow Squall, I must be in Ontario

  1. I like the not scraping and not shoveling the best since moving in with my kids. I still need to fix the temperature situations. So far, so good this year.
    We have the squalls as well with drifts in the driveway.
    You’re right, that is a pretty picture the kind it’s lovely to watch from the inside. 😀

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