The Terrace Nazi

Why are people so damn dumb sometimes.

I want the property managers of my apartment complex to put me on payroll.  Either that, or give me eviction authority.

My beautiful terrace (and yes I know it’s not MINE but’s it mine) has a railing because it’s on a elevation.  This had enticed several people in the damn dumb category to come up on to MY terrance (ok, THE terrace) to run their dogs off-leash.  And it’s always the people who have large, untrained dogs that do it.  So now when I hear someone outside and it’s an illegal dog runner, I go out on the balcony in my bedroom slippers and give them shite.

The other thing that people are doing is throwing all manner of food off their balconies to feed the squirrels. Unfortunately the skunks and wild turkeys beat the squirrels to it.  (Seriously—we have roving bands of wild turkeys!)  These people have been told countless times to stop, including just this month when I asked our district property manager to post a formal notice.  Still didn’t stop them. I haven’t caught them yet but I have considered rigging a videocam somewhere to catch the offenders in the act.

People sometimes.

Anyways.  There was a wee Christmas get-together this afternoon in my building and my neighbour popped by with her dog, adorned for the occasion.  Isn’t she a doll?




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