Status Check

It’s been two months since I moved into my apartment and, except for a couple of wrinkles, things are going pretty well. The following is a list of pros and cons of apartment living, in no particular order:


  1.  Not having to climb stairs to go to bed, or carry an overweight dog up the stairs to bed, or go up and down the stairs over and over because I can’t find my glasses.
  2. Being able to pick up dog poop per dump (on a walk) vs by the kilo (in the backyard).
  3. Having a cleaner home because now it takes a few minutes to clean vs a few days.
  4. Being able to do multiple loads of laundry at once rather than one at a time, thereby decreasing your chances of forgetting a load in the machine which, if not retrieved soon, will smell funky and need another wash.


  1.  Having to stop to speak to people in the lobby when you’re in a bad mood or really have to pee.
  2. Realizing you have the wrong set of keys after you’ve gone all the way downstairs, necessitating a trip back upstairs only to discover that the elevators are in service and are stuck on the 10th floor.
  3. Walking down the stairs to the terrace and from the terrace to the pool, only to discover you forgot your sunscreen/towel/drink/hat.
  4. Realizing you are the pool nazi by virtue of complaining to the lifeguard when kids take up the entire pool playing “marco polo.” (All the adults thank me. )

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