Kitsault, British Columbia, Canada

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday.

In 1979, on the northeastern coast of British Columbia, a quaint little town called Kitsault was founded by U.S. Mining Group Phelps Dodge to support the production of a metal called molybdenum.  It housed 1700 residents, and boasted a hospital, community centre, movie theatre, and a grocery store.

By 1982, the price of molybdenum crashed and a mere 18 months later, Kitsault was abandoned, leaving behind a pristine ghost town with a library full of books,  a community centre full of exercise equipment–and hydro.

In 2004, businessman Krishnan Suthanthiran purchased the town for 5.7 million, sight unseen, with the intention of turning it into  “an eco-tourist destination or an artist’s colony.”  In the meantime, the town sits, unoccupied and ethereal in its abandoned beauty.*



Library in Kitsault

Library in Kitsault, complete with books.



Menu from 1980. Chips were only a $1.00.



Pool in the community centre.



Expensive exercise equipment in the community centre.



Office supplies left behind.



Decor from the 70’s still adorn houses in Kitsault


Abandoned houses in Kitsault.

Abandoned houses set against the beautiful forest backdrop of British Columbia.

* photos courtesy Chad Graham


5 thoughts on “Kitsault, British Columbia, Canada

  1. I know what you mean. Why does every-one slide into highdyee holes as woon as they are recognized as a nieighbor? Too lat etonight for heavy thinking but I wouldn’t let a stranger insid emy house. … 😀

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