I’ve always had problems with window coverings.  Seems everywhere I’ve lived, the windows were an odd size and the pre-made coverings (which I favour because they’re cheaper than custom) never fit without some additional tailoring.  When I saw the windows in my new apartment, my heart sunk.  My windows all face south, allowing plenty of sunlight but also plenty of summertime heat.  I knew I would need a solar blind in addition to drapes.  They are also wide and go right up to the ceiling, which means that the drapery rod would require a centre support that would have to be mounted in the concrete ceiling.  Drilling into concrete requires a hammer drill, masonry bits, special screws, and knowing which mount was appropriate for the drapery I was using.  I was flummoxed.

It took a weekend for me to say screw it and head to the nearest Covers.  (For those who aren’t familiar, Covers is a Canadian franchise specializing in window coverings and bed linens).  Except for the ready-made drapery which I had already purchased, Covers is providing AND installing all the other window coverings, including the dreaded ceiling rod mount. It was with a sense of relief that I left the store, knowing all was taken care of.  I could get used to this.

Because I know you now have a burning interest in windows, here are two that I think are pretty stellar:




2 thoughts on “Windows

  1. The windows are to die for. This is a stunning space. Wow. I almost want to move. ❤
    Yes, I know Covers. On year before I sold my house I bought those solar blinds you talk about: The kitchen window, my patio deck doors and a bay window. Cost me over $800. and I wondered why I hadn't done it sooner. The back of the house faced west and man it was HOT as the sun passed over until it set.

  2. I could live in that back room with the trees and never leave. Not even for food. 🙂

    Those solar shades are expensive, eh? Friends of mine lived in a west-facing apartment and roasted by late afternoon. Those solar shades are expensive but worth every penny.

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