Downsizing Part II


Nothing makes the prospect of selling your house hit home more than seeing a for-sale sign waving on your front lawn.

The housing market in my area has been slow for buyers but great for sellers. My realtor already had realtors and potential buyers lined up to see the house before it even hit the market.  When we were officially open for business, Buddy and I sat in my car an entire day while people traipsed through my house and fingered my belongings. (Well maybe not exactly, but the idea of a stranger going through my house bothered me more than waiting in the car on a rainy day with a damp, smelly dog).

At any rate, we received an offer the next day and, barring any complications from the final home inspection, my house is as good as sold.

My relief and elation over the sale was short-lived (isn’t it always?).  Panic and anxiety quickly set in at the prospect of  finding a suitable apartment.  Stay tuned for Downsizing Part III, or Finding A Nice Apartment Without (Hopefully) Having A Nervous Breakdown.

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve included a short video of me in my car complaining during the viewing extravaganza.


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