Downsizing Part I

Downsizing from a house to an apartment requires reinforcements.

First, you need a lot of this:


And occasionally this:


And sometimes this:

Crying Woman

It’s been hard work doing this alone, let me tell you.  There is the satisfaction, however, every time a task gets completed that at the outset I thought I’d never get done. The kitchen cabinets, for instance.  I hired my handyman to paint them a neutral light colour, since the realtor thought the red might not appeal to everyone (go figure).  They turned out pretty well. (Clancy insisted on being in the photo).


The kitchen has been quite a saga in and of itself, apart from the painting.  I secured the services of the local cabinet maker to build a new bi-fold door for my Lazy Susan.  It had to be painted, along with the rest of the kitchen, by my handyman so I had a narrow window of opportunity.

I waited 4 weeks for the cabinet.  Of course it was the wrong size.

It took many phone calls and persistent nagging to ensure I promptly received a new (and properly sized) door, so that my handyman could paint it and my kitchen would be complete.

There was a whole lot of other painting jobs I undertook myself that I won’t bore you with.  Suffice to say that if I never saw a can of paint or picked up a paintbrush for the rest of my life I would die happy.

I’ve also made so many runs to the local Goodwill that they know me on sight.  One person even asked me if I was relocating, waving his arm across my loaded trunk. Thank goodness for Goodwill and Salvation Army–what you can’t sell, you can donate.

Speaking of selling, I’ve managed to unload some stuff that way.  I visited a local artisan who deals in used furniture and “architectural elements” (read: junk) and she bought a whack of stuff.  Other things I managed to sell via Varage Sale. I’ve even been able to off-load items to family members.

Still, I’ve got a ton of stuff to get rid of, like all the stuff in my shed (lawnmower, wheel barrow, etc) and in my basement.  My basement, in the past decade, has been the place where unused stuff goes to die.

Now it all needs a proper burial.


7 thoughts on “Downsizing Part I

  1. Hi Karen, that kitchen is gorgeous! I just moved to an apartment I wish I knew you were selling things as I’m trying to decorate and fill my 2 bedroom hom with furniture! Its been an adventure. Where are you looking at moving too? Thinking of you as you start this new journey!

  2. Six and a half years ago I had to downsize from a large three-bedroom to a one bedroom. Like you I made so many trips to charity shops I should have given them a key. Load up boys.
    A change is always exciting once you get all the kinks out. Love to hear more. ❤

  3. When we first moved to Turkey, we sold off loads of stuff on Ebay (mainly books, CDs, DVDs but also Liam’s piano). Then we sold the house and most of its contents to our neighbour. When we came back to England, we sold our furniture off all over again. It was quite cathartic! The kitchen looks lovely.

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