Micro Apartments

As rental costs in major urban centres go into the stratosphere, micro apartments are gaining popularity.  And not because they’re cheap–just cheaper, compared to their standard-size apartment counterparts.

To give you some idea of proportion, here’s a diagram of one such unit by developers in San Francisco:




These units remind me of what used to be called “efficiency units” or “bedsits”–only with a much heftier price tag (think over $1,500 per month, which is still a fraction of what a standard-sized apartment would cost in San Fran).  I could live quite well in an apartment this size, but that’s alone.  I can’t imagine sharing the 240 sq. ft. space, like this New York couple:



Ah, togetherness.



And there’s still room for his surfboard–which used to be kept in the shower.



Lots of cupboards for such a tiny space.



I KNOW I would forget to duck when I got out of bed.



Only one window?


One window? I could adjust to the size, the low ceiling in the loft, the (somewhat treacherous) loft stairs, even the exorbitant rent-but never to having only one measly window.


10 thoughts on “Micro Apartments

  1. We have the same problem in London – a booming economy relatively untouched by the last recession, a growing population and crippling property prices and rents. Developers are building higher and smaller to compensate.

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  3. That London place is irredeemable. Not fit for man nor beast! You wouldn’t get an occupancy permit for it in Canada, I don’t imagine … I have to say I LOVE the “couples” apartment, I’m pretending there’s a window in the bathroom, lol! If it were possible I would redesign the loft part. Rebuild it lower (would involve pulling down the top cupboards and replace with a couple of open shelves, I’m afraid). This way the ceiling/bedroom floor could better share the apartment height, which is very good, actually, all of 15 feet! The curtained off area under the stairs is probably a good little pantry anyway 😉 If I owned the place, that’s what I’d do …

    Let’s CUT the Crap, you’d probably appreciate the San Francisco pad, lots of shelves for books there! But the best place has gotta be Valentina’s – complete with to-die-for view from the balcony, and an open courtyard-style deck at the back!

    (“Tiny matchbox apartment… by Kirsten Dirksen) from YouTube launch page for the London storage closet/apartment.

    • Wow–I don’t know what impresses me more–that she remodeled that space or carried all that building material up those stairs! I love how you redesigned the couples’ space Marie–maybe you missed your calling. 🙂

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