Lighting Up The Season

Setting your house alight with Christmas decorations isn’t really a thing anymore, at least where I live.  I think the cost of hydro, plus plain old laziness, makes this a somewhat passè custom.  There are the odd folk who damn the cost and have amazing energy to showcase these monstrosities lovelies, however.


Lynch House.jpg

Can’t tell if the two houses above are the same house because I’m kind of blinded by the lights.


This one isn’t too bad, albeit a wee bit overdone.  Kudos to whoever climbed up on that roof to decorate the turret.

Ah…this is more like it.

194569646370732455PepO2P01c tumblr_lva3fuOk6v1qgewqco1_500_large

Disclaimer:  I have never strung lights on my house.  I have, however, stuck a coloured strobe in the ground to give the illusion of  house lighting.  I am not ashamed.


9 thoughts on “Lighting Up The Season

  1. As you should not be! I say to each his own. I don’t do lights either at the risk of breaking my neck to pay huge hydro bills. 😀 😀

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Haven’t seen anything like this in ages.

  2. We haven’t put up lights for a few years but I enjoy it when others do. I remember when just about every house had lights. I think that stopped during the energy crisis in the 70s. Never was the same again. We had a neighbor who really did fall off his roof and break his neck while taking down his Christmas lights. After that, my husband and I decided to stop decorating our house. It just wasn’t worth the risk.

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