Home at Sea

Yesterday while shopping at the local hardware store,  I struck up a conversation with an older gent about the cost and hassle of home ownership.  He proceeded to tell me about a friend of friend who sold his house and most of his belongings, and moved onto a cruise ship.  The acquaintance cruises around the globe, staying in motels while in port and until his next ship sails.  This wasn’t the first time I’ve heard about this kind of thing and had always thought it was some kind of urban legend.  Not so.  There’s even a ship devoted to ocean living.

The World, Residences at Sea.  Launched in 2002 and at measuring over 600 feet long, The World  is essentially a 165-suite condominium on water.  And it’s not cheap:  prices range from $175,000 for a studio suite to over a cool million for a three-bedroom apartment.  If I was rich, it would be worth every penny just to be able to sleep one night like this:



Or spend an early evening like this:



Or a leisurely afternoon like this:



5 thoughts on “Home at Sea

  1. I realize that, being from California, my sense of home prices is all out of whack, but $1million doesn’t seem too crazy (not that I have it in my back pocket). I imagine there would be minimal, if any, property taxes and, If it includes the usual cruise stuff like meals and entertainment, even better!

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