Friggin’ Technology Anyways

It all started with a Keurig machine.

I’m barely conscious in the morning and I would take my coffee intravenously if it were available.  A Keurig machine seemed like  a good compromise.


Expensive coffee machine that is now in the appliance graveyard

So last year I bought a Keurig machine, made by Braun.  Within the year it decided to put me on a coffee diet and stopped brewing after a teaspoon of coffee dropped in the cup.  The usual fixes–descaling the machine, putting a pin in the drip to clear any blockages–didn’t fix it.  The Braun got moved to the appliance graveyard in the basement and I bought another Keurig, this time a more expensive unit made by Breville.  Last month it put me on a coffee diet too, and is now resting peacefully beside the Braun.

And I have all of these K-cups to use up.  Damn.  So, I bought another, cheaper Keurig–this time made by Keurig.  It isn’t pretty, takes a full two minutes to brew a cup of coffee but as long as it continues working I don’t care.  If this one breaks, I’m back to good ole’ drip coffee.

Which brings me to my vacuum cleaner.  I’ve got a cat and a dog who shed their weight in hair on a daily basis.  I had an old, crappy vacuum cleaner and got suckered in by the Dyson commercials.


Wheel gunk

Dyson vacuum cleaners do suck up the dirt.  Whether they do it better than other modern vacuums is debatable.  And they’re pretty damn expensive.  My first Dyson was heavy and a pain to carry upstairs.  It went to the appliance graveyard.  My second Dyson was lighter but all the hair got stuck in the wheels.  The jammed up wheels marked the hardwoods.  And Dyson won’t cover “blockages” in their warranty.  Oh goodie.  After trying to remove the hair and gunk with a nail, I had a eureka moment and got out the Draino.  It took several passes, but I finally got the sucker clean.  Until it blocks up again, that is.


My third and final Dyson

My third Dyson is the cordless dc62 animal.  I figured this would be gunk-proof.  I figured wrong.  It, too, has blocked wheels–and, as an added bonus, the battery won’t take its charge.  It’s only two months old.

I phoned Dyson support and got a message:  “due to reasons beyond our control we cannot take your call.  Please call back or leave a message.”  If Dyson doesn’t fix this vacuum for free there will be a few bodies joining the appliances in the appliance graveyard.

On a final note, I was outside watering my flowers the other night and saw a little black shape sniffing around the porch.  My neighbour has a black cat, but this little critter wasn’t acting at all  cat -like.

Because it was a skunk.

I gave him a wide berth and waited until he continued on his way–and joined yet another skunk on his travels.  Skunks like grubs and were chowing down on the grubs in my garden.  Now when I leave the house–especially if  it’s at dusk, when skunks go looking for dinner–I creep out the door and approach my car s-l-o-w-l-y.  Skunks are loathe to use their special perfume unless they absolutely have too (it takes them a week to generate more) and I don’t want to give them any reason to use it on me.


Wouldn’t that just make my week.


4 thoughts on “Friggin’ Technology Anyways

  1. Sorry to hear about your Keurig graveyard. My daughter bought me one 1-1/2 years ago and sad to say I use it only for special occasions. The rest of the time I use the old drip standby. Will my machine clog up with disuse? 😦

    Drip is no longer than a cup of Keurig and cheaper. 🙂 Although, I do like the choice of flavors or Keurig.

  2. Keurig does have a special cup that you can use your regular drip coffee in, which would make it as cheap, but I continue to use the expensive k-cups because I am so lazy in the morning it’s pathetic.

    When I used drip coffee, I just used the cone over my mug. KInd of like my own version of a Keurig. 🙂

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