DIY Roman Blinds

I haven’t had any window coverings in my bathroom for about a year, and although the glass is etched for privacy I still want some additional assurance that I’m not giving a free show every time I shower at night.

I wanted either a yellow roller shade or roman blind.  Easy right?  Just go to the local Home Depot or Lowes and pick myself up one.  Not a chance.  I went on-line, and the only place I could find a yellow shade was in Britain.  Seems that yellow is not a popular colour in North America.

Not to be done in by dreary North American taste, I decided to make myself a roman shade out of the same material as my shower curtain.  I googled DIY roman shade, and found out how to do it.

Here’s what I used:

  • cotton shower curtain from Bouclairs, $30.
  • fabric adhesive, $5.00
  • vinyl blind, $10.00

First, determine the amount of fabric you need.  I would recommend you add extra length so that even when the blind is all the way down you still have the folds. (I didn’t do that, and don’t have any folds when the blind is fully down.  Lesson learned.)


Next, remove the ladder cord from the blind.  It’s the thinner one, and the one that makes the slats pivot, which you don’t want in a roman shade.  Be careful not to remove the lift cord.  That you do need.


Then, undo the string from the end piece, and remove the extra slats.  The remaining slats should be around 6-8 inches apart.


Next, move to a table.  Working on the floor is hard on the knees!


After you cut the fabric, sew or glue the hem.  I glued mine, but if I wasn’t so lazy I would have sewn them. Place your vinyl frame over the fabric, and glue.


And there you have it!  I made a valance out of the extra fabric.  And I didn’t have to go to England either (although that would have been fun.)



4 thoughts on “DIY Roman Blinds

  1. Wonderful what YOU can do! What did we do before the internet? Whatever you want to know is always at your fingertips. Unlike me, YOU actually go ahead and finish the project. Great idea to match both and I l-i-k-e- yellow too. 🙂

  2. thanks Tess! It was hit and miss for awhile there while I tried other things, like stencilling a roller shade (miss) and replacing the shade with new vinyl (also a miss.)
    I wonder the same thing re the internet. A friend of mine recently retired, and her only access to a computer/the internet was from work. She has no plans to get a computer for home use. I cannot imagine how anyone can function without one.

  3. Beautiful! I’m so impressed. And what is wrong with our stores that we can’t get a pretty yellow Roman shade in N. America? That’s nuts.

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