Hogewey Retirement Village, Holland

When I get old, I will wear purple and live here.


Hogewey Dementia Village

Hogewey is a retirement village in the truest sense on the word.

The Hogewey complex is set out like a village with a town square, supermarket, hairdressing salon, theatre, pub, café-restaurant—as well as the twenty-three houses themselves.


Creating Reality and Independence for Seniors suffering from Dementia

The doctors, nurses and carers aim to make the experience as real as possible to the residents. Residents do the necessary shopping at the supermarket and assist with preparing and cooking as they would at home. The carers wear normal daytime clothing rather than clinical clothing, and fit into a role that the dementia suffers are likely to be comfortable with.


There are around 250 staff In order to maintain the “fake reality” that those living at Hogewey are comfortable with, the staff do not seek to correct the residents as the residents are talking about memories, background and history.  At the same time, the staff will not deceive the patients if directly asked, truthfully stating that the residents are in a place where they can receive required care for their condition.~~Wikipedia

There are apparently similar facilities in England and the United States. An idea whose time has come, I say.

21 thoughts on “Hogewey Retirement Village, Holland

  1. What an idea. On the other hand, this sounds like a horror movie with a segregated populace. Sounds perfect and yet gives me the creeps. Why is that? These people need to be weeded out from the rest of the ‘normal’ population? Am I being too disturbed?

  2. I love this concept so much. Instead of trying to make dementia patients fit into the institutional setting, create a whole environment that is designed around them. I think it’s brilliant, and I’m sure it would be much nicer for the workers, too. I hope this expands to all kinds of places.

  3. This sounds wonderful, I wish when I age like this, I to can someday live like this. Hopefully by then there’ll be places for all and not just dementia patients. I love my Independence and this is perfect for the elderly. All the elderly

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