Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

Or so I hear.

When I first moved into my house 10 years ago, I loved the view from the family room.  My neighbour had quite the green thumb, and with a slight turn of my head I saw all manner of flowers and purty greenery.

Flash forward to this year, and this is in its place:


My neighbour assures me he will finish the garage and get rid of the weeds this month, but I’m not taking any chances.  I’m spending money I don’t have on a new garden and fence.

Now,  I know I’m not the only one whose neighbour destroyed their green space. (Well it wasn’t mine exactly, but I could look at it so it sort of was mine).   Here are a few other stories.

1.  Ugly Fence House.


Roy Bentley of Norfolk, England, even named his house after it.  As fences go, I don’t think it’s that ugly but I’m sure Roy will beg to differ.  The fence was erected by his neighbours–with whom he enjoyed a 30-year friendship–after Roy’s bamboo encroached upon their newly designed garden space.  The police have informed Roy that his signs constituted harassment (he’s got two), and needs to come down.  Roy told them to go pound salt, and took the smaller sign down.  Roy 1, fence 0.


2.  The Pickerings vs the Lunatic.


Here’s the story: 

The [Pickerings] moved into their home 32 years ago. Mrs Reid, 49, moved into her house with her husband about ten years ago. She left when they split up but returned in 2006 after she won the house as part of a divorce settlement.  Problems began shortly afterwards when Mrs Reid cut down a privet hedge in the back garden. She later agreed to replace it with a fence.  But six months later she accused Mr Pickering of being a pervert after she saw him clearing the guttering on his garage roof and claimed he was spying on her.

The dramatic breakdown in relations led to several skirmishes including a hearing at Harlow county court where Mrs Reid was ordered to pay £2,800 after she was caught on camera cutting a hole in her neighbours’ fence.
Epping Forest District Council last year brokered a deal under which the Pickerings would remove their CCTV cameras and Mrs Reid would take down her cameras and the barrier.

Mr and Mrs Pickering said they honoured their side of the deal but their neighbour has failed to do the same.
Mrs Reid said: ‘Me putting those rags on the fence is a cry for help. It is me saying: “You want something to look at? Look at that”.

Look at that indeed.  Here’s a shot of Mrs. Reid carving up the fence with pruning shears:


Mrs. Loony-Tunes, caught red-handed.

Gotta feel sorry for the Pickerings, living in their expensive bungalow right next door to a lunatic.  Kind of make our bad neighbour problems minor in comparison, doesn’t it?


A view of the Pickerings’ home, complete with eyesore next door.



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