Ever have a period of time when your prevailing experience is WTF?

Last week I went to Rona to buy a gas can. When I got home, I discovered that its spout was designed by a crazy person, or a really stupid person with a sadistic streak.  You see, most gas cans include a spout which you simply invert to pour the gas.  Not this can.  The spout had lock/unlock mechanisms, caps, seals, and all kinds of do-dads which was supposed to prevent gas spillage, but in reality prevented the gas from actually coming out.  WTF?  Who cares if the gas spills for crying out loud  I JUST WANT TO FILL MY LAWNMOWER!  I pitched a fit, then went out and bought another can with a sane, usable spout.

Instructions to crazy spout on gas can.

Instructions to crazy spout on gas can.


Today I was out shopping for a kitchen garbage can.  You’d think that would be a fairly straightforward thing to do. Nooooo.  First, I should explain that I’ve got nowhere in my kitchen to actually place a garbage pail.  The previous owners installed the kitchen cabinets themselves, and when I say installed I mean in every available nook and cranny.  The only place to put a garbage pail is in the 12-inch area under the sink.  The ones that you attach to the door won’t work because they’ll run smack-dab into the plumbing when I close the door.  How could someone design a kitchen and leave no space for a garbage pail?

Space available for garbage pail.  Looks bigger than it is.

Space available for garbage pail. I am not impressed.


My all-time, personal WTF is the chainlink fence–namely, why someone didn’t design them so that grass can be trimmed properly.


The back 40, or the weed zone.


My neighbours ignore the back portion of their yards, resulting in an ungodly mess of weeds and undergrowth coming through the fence on my side.  Surely there must be a solution to this, I figured.  I googled ungodly mess of weeds growing under chainlink fence  and found several products designed to inhibit weed growth.


Weedseal to prevent growth under fences and potential killing of one’s neighbours.

This stuff isn’t cheap.  Do I want to remove my neighbours weeds that badly?  I may just stick to the Buddy solution.

The Buddy Solution to Weeds: A Tasty Treat.

The Buddy Solution to Weeds: A Tasty Treat.




8 thoughts on “WTF.

  1. i chuckled; yes, sometimes we wonder about the people who designed spaces that we’re later ‘stuck with.’ i once had a corner sink area, which is lovely to the eye with windows and flowering plants, but the one stuck with dish-washing duty is ‘stuck in the corner’ as if being disciplined for being unruly!

    maybe you can make a dead-tree sculpture and design a spot for the trash can while having a work of art to disrupt the flow of traffic through the kitchen! ja!

  2. When did everything in life become so complicated? One, two, and maybe three. Done. Finished. Sorry I laughed. I especially like the Buddy Solution. ❤
    How do you teach him to work his way down the fence? 😀

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