The Atlantic Ocean Road

Awhile back I posted a story about the insanely treacherous Yungas road in Bolivia.  Here’s another adventurous drive, albeit not near as scary or dangerous:  The Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway.



The Atlanterhavsveien, as it is known locally, is an 8-kilometer section of County Road 64 that cuts through a few archipelagos on its way to the mainland.  It is preserved as a cultural heritage site and is designated as one of 18 National Tourist Routes.  Not a road to drive if you’re sleepy or a little tipsy.

Quite the bridge.

An oft-photographed bridge on the Atlantic Road.


Not the place to be during a storm.

Not the place to be during a storm.


Otherworldly at night.



If I saw this on the route I’d scream like a ninny.


The Road has pedestrian paths for extra-close site-seeing.

Pedestrians are safe to sightsee on their own walkway.


Beautiful in the twilight.

Beautiful in the twilight.



7 thoughts on “The Atlantic Ocean Road

  1. I’d have to have a glass of wine before I attempted THAT neck of the woods…er insanely treacherous Atlantic whatsit. My stars. And I wouldn’t be driving so, I CAN have the wine. I would never go at night no matter how romantic or otherworldly and heaven help me, n.e.v.e.r. during a storm. Bottom line: I am neva goin der. Neva.

    Must have been a headache to build too.

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