Life on Water


I came upon this photo awhile back and was instantly intrigued about its origins.  After spending countless hours on the net trying to find out something about it, I came upon another curious internet surfer who discovered that the house was a portion of Lichtenstein Castle photoshopped atop Castle House Island in Dublin, Ireland. My search wasn’t a total waste of time though–I found a number of interesting houses built on some interesting perches.

Swimmer’s Rest House, Serbia.  Although it doesn’t have a formal name, this structure was built piecemeal by swimmers over 40 years ago.  It has weathered some terrific storms and is apparently is no worse for the wear.


Over 40 years old and still standing.


Swimmers taking a breather and enjoying the view.

Old Mill House, France.  Built on the remains of an old bridge, The Old Mill House is all that remains of a series of mill houses built along the bridge but dismantled in the mid 1800’s.  The structure is reportedly private property and not open to visitors.


The remains of a series of mill houses build along a 16th century bridge.

vernon france seine mill vieux pont 1

The Old Millhouse is apparently in private hands.


Clingstone, Rhode Island.   Built over 100 years ago and abandoned by the owner in 1938, Clingstone was purchased by the Woods family in the 1960’s and has been lovingly cared for ever since.  Volunteers are recruited to keep the unusual house in fine form.


Clingstone, Rhode Island


Upkeep is a labour of love for these volunteers.


A gorgeous interior with a panoramic view of the ocean.


12 thoughts on “Life on Water

  1. I L.o.v.e the last one best because of the gorgeous fireplace. I’ve lived near water, maybe 100 yards (or less). Let me tell you about storms. These houses would have me flying like a bird before the storm hit.
    Love the pictures. Isn’t the world full of wonderful things to discover. Wow. 🙂

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