Valentines Day

I know it’s a bit early, but I’ve been thinking about Valentines Day. You know, I’ve never been big on Valentines Day.  Maybe it’s because I remember my grade school days when we had to distribute Valentines Day cards, and there was always some pathetic kid who only got 2 cards compared to the 176 cards the most popular kid got.  I wasn’t that pathetic kid, thank god, but there but for the grace of god….

Those experiences throughout my grade school years kind of summed up Valentines Day for me:  a contest to see who was the most loved (and by contrast, who wasn’t).  Even when I was in a relationship I didn’t pine over Valentines Day (although I did expect a nice dinner.  I hate to cook.)

I must be mellowing in my old age because I don’t detest Valentines Day nearly as much as I did when I was younger.  For those of you who celebrate the big V, here are some unique gift ideas to celebrate your love.

Cards:  The Wit & Whistle is an Etsy shop (of course!) that sells the greatest V-day cards ever. Here are some of my favourites:




Those are my kind of V-cards. 🙂

Jewellery:  Forget those diamonds and rubies.   What about something sentimental like a lovers’ knot ring from The Love Knot Shop.  Made in either silver or gold, these little rings are not only comfortable, they also convey a whole lot more about your commitment than expensive jewellery from a chain store.



Naughty Stuff:  This is a great time to expand your naughty inventory (as if you need an excuse.)  Here one idea, just to get you started:

Does your lover travel a lot?  Work nights?  Watch a lot of  late night television?  Here’s the gift that keeps on giving. 🙂



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