Finds for the New Year

I tend to stumble on the neatest things when I least expect to.

2012-'warm-n'-cozy'-mulled-wine-750mLTake for example, Warm and Cozy.  I was in the liquor store to get wine for Christmas Day, and while I was there I happened upon this yummy mulled wine.  Made here in Southern Ontario, it’s a specialty wine sold at all the LCBO’s during the holiday season and available from Sprucewood Winery, where it’s made.

I also discovered the dreamy comfort of Romika shoes.  I’ve been suffering from achilles tendonitis since the summer and it was suggested by a Pedorthist that I wear shoes with an elevated heel.  Enter Romika and their dream footwear.

Speaking of Romika shoes, I found several Canadian websites that sell Romika and other high end brands at discounted prices.  These shoes, for example, were $140 retail at Walking on a Cloud, but were half price online, at The Shoe Dawg and Shoe Me.  And let me tell you, they are COMFORTABLE.


I’m also a total L.L. Bean and Lands End junkie.  I find their clothing fits a woman’s body and the prices are right.  Plus, there’s the added pleasure of getting clothing delivered to your door.  I might just never set foot in a clothing store again.



4 thoughts on “Finds for the New Year

  1. Ooh I’m coming over to test the wine and look at your shoes! Do they make them in size 11. When my broken leg heals I would love a shoe that’s not a runner and will fit orthotics. LL bean is awesome! I’ve never had Lands End. I do like how they ship them to your door!

  2. You most certainly come across the most wonderful find, Karen.I had mulled wine once way back. It’s pretty heavy, is it? The shoes are quite fashionable too. Hmm.
    I’m in the market for a good running shoe without taking out a mortgage. I’ll be doing a lot of walking soon. 🙂 Do you have any suggestions?

  3. You can’t go wrong with a New Balance or a Romika shoe. The New BalanceWx1211 is amazing–but kind of costly in retail stores ($150). I bet you could find them at half the price on-line. If you check out the Shoe me website, you’ll see a bunch of romika walking shoes on sale.

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