Oh My Aching [fill in the blanks]

ImageA friend and I went out shopping the other day and stopped in a local restaurant for a quick snack.  We spent most of the time yakking happily about our various body ailments.  It wasn’t until the (young) waiter gave us a bemused look that we realized how we must look to him, which is to say OLD.  We gave him a look back that said just you wait, sonny, just you wait.

God knows I’ve had my share of health problems and illness is no stranger to me.  It’s the aches and pains that I’m not used to.  My hands are arthritic, so any kind of hobby requiring fine motor work is out.  My feet are killing me because the achilles tendonitis I picked up in JULY (!) hasn’t healed yet.  I limp along like an old grandma if I’m on my feet longer than an hour.


Anti-flatulence underwear.

And forget sexy underwear–it’s granny panties for me.  I really knew I was getting old when I spotted these babies on the net the other day and the first thing that entered my mind was to wonder whether they worked.

Anti-flatulence underwear.  Geez.  You can’t even fart when you’re old.


8 thoughts on “Oh My Aching [fill in the blanks]

  1. Oh, please don’t THAT away from me. The right to pass gas. That’s one thing I have NO complaints about. Can’t sit too long because afterwards…. 😉
    I wonder how that ‘compartment’ on the pants feels when you sit down. *giggles*

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