Ode to the Galactically Overpriced

Shoes, purses, glasses, bathing suits, jeans.  I’ve often wondered why these particular items carry price tags beyond what it costs to manufacture them.  And I mean waaaay beyond.

Take jeans for example.  According to Money Talk News, the best selling jeans by True Religion costs only $50 to make. They are then sold to wholesalers for three times as much and by the time you’re trying them on in the store you’re looking at a whopping $335 price tag.   Unbelievable.

The markup for eyewear is similarly in the stratosphere, often reaching 1000% or more for “designer” frames.

I was curious as to just how expensive these items can get for the average consumer.  Here’s what I found:

1.  Purses: I found a alligator Hermes hand bag on ebay (aren’t things supposed to be cheap on ebay?) with a price tag of–wait for it--$85,000.  And it was preowned.  The downpayment on my mortgage didn’t cost that much.


Hermes bag or a mortgage: Hmmm….

Not many women would be looking to buy a Hermes bag, so maybe that’s not fair.  They may however, buy a Coach bag, which could still run them up to $300.  The Coach hand bag below costs $300 Canadian on ebay and probably goes for alot more in stores.

Coach purse

Coach purse still costs big bucks on ebay.

2.  Shoes.  Easily my favourite purchase of all time.  You never can have enough footwear, if you ask me.  But at these prices?  These little numbers by Jimmy Choo are listed on Ebay for $500.  I think those little studs are silver, but still.


4.  Glasses.  The markup on eyeglass frames are downright criminal.  Take these Versace frames, for example:


They retail for $245 dollars.  Considering that they cost about 10 bucks to make, that’s quite the markup.  However,  I discovered something interesting:  eyeglass frames cost much less ebay.  These frames were $129, and I saw Michael Kors and Gucci frames for under $100.

3.  Bathing Suits.  My major beef in the galactically overpriced universe.  Can you believe this knit bikini retails for over $500?


And to think I cough at paying 50 bucks for mine.



4 thoughts on “Ode to the Galactically Overpriced

  1. It makes me crazy to see the mark ups on items. I have scored on buying something’s online. Bathing suit: 129.00 at the Bay….eBay same suit 29.99 I couldn’t believe my luck! The eye glasses make me nuts! I need to try those on so I don’t know if I could do that on line. The purses wow that is Oprah money! My dream is to one day wear a pair of red sole pumps! But maybe just in the store! Lol. It blew my mind when my sweet cousin was in a pair of 1,100 dollar pair of pumps. They were stunning! However her feet hurt before her friends wearing a knock offs for 145.00. When asking friends at an event most could not tell the difference in look or feel. It was fun to see people say Really? They are the cheap ones!!! So I have learned price is not a good way to always judge quality.

    • Absolutely Catherine. Sometimes I see the quality in higher priced items, but many times all you’re paying for is the name. I was also happy to see the eyeglass frames cheaper on ebay. My plan is to select the pair I want in the store, then check out whether I can find them on ebay (which is what I do now already).

      Your cousin bought a 1,100 pair of pumps? Wow!

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