Couch Potato

I’m seriously thinking about getting a bed for my family room.

I don’t have a swanky house with swanky decor.  I like comfort, and lots of it.  I’ve been looking for a sofa to replace the (almost new but ugly) leather sofa that’s in my family room now.  I can’t find what I want because what I want is more of a bed than a sofa.  Check out these:


Now, this one is a bit too shee-shee pooh-pooh for me, but you get the idea.  I found a few others that might suit better:


This one is an Inge Sempè design, and dang I want it!  I’d even take it in orange.


This one would suffice too, especially seeing as how it’s leather and would repel critter hair.


I could always buy outdoor furniture like this.  It looks comfy too.


It looks like someone actually put a mattress in their family room.  I’m not that crazy afterall.


Since I have an open concept family room/kitchen, I might have to have my bed-couch resemble the latter more than the former.  This bed-couch is definitely the winner.

Looks comfy, eh?


6 thoughts on “Couch Potato

  1. I never thought of this but you have a point. I love my bed but haven’t had time to enjoy it lately. If my sofa was more like my bed…but I haven’t had time to sit in my sofa either.
    All of these ideas look inviting, Karen, but if I spent all that lovely time laying around–as opposed to SITTING at my computer–I’d get pretty roley-poley, I bet.

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