Ah, Bureaucracies

Gotta love `em.  Well actually you don’t, and for good reason. I don’t know how these galactically incompetent organizations manage to stay afloat.

After 40 years with the same bank, I switched to a new one.  The reasons for the switch are many, but in general relate to that bank’s crappy service and less than helpful staff. I put off switching banks for years because I have no faith in the competence of bureaucracies to facilitate this simple task.

Now that I’m happily all switched over, here’s my list of nominees for the Bureaucratic Incompetence Award:


TD Canada Trust: 7 days a week of crappy service.

1.  My Bank.   I was leaving for a reason, after all.  I banked with TD Canada Trust ever since I opened my first bank account at 16, and stayed mainly because it was too much of a hassle to leave.  I never liked that bank.  But, after continued bad service and rude staff, I decided to bid them adieu.  I won’t catalogue the litany of complaints I have about them over the years, but when I closed my account THEY NEVER EVEN ASKED WHY.  Didn’t care at all.  I’m not Donald Trump, but hey, they’ve had my paltry sums and mortgage for many, many years.  Doesn’t that deserve at least a it’s-been-nice-knowing-yah?


They’re not even literate.

2.  The Car Finance Company  I contacted every payee on my list and asked them how they wanted me to handle the bank transfer, since most of them were on automatic debit.  The company handling my car loan asked me to fax the Preauthorized Debit  (PAD) agreement over, which I did.  In fact, the bank manager at my new bank did the honours.  When no payment came through, I called them.  Of course they said they didn’t receive the fax (they did) and of course it was my fault (it wasn’t).  I faxed the PAD agreement to them again, and if they don’t get it this time I’ll consider my loan forgiven.  So there.

Bell Canada  I didn’t have to deal with Bell regarding the bank transfer, but they still make it on my list because they really bug me. They’ve outsourced all of their customer support to India.  Nothing against folks in hellbellIndia, but I often find them hard to understand and, if I do, I KNOW alot of other people do to, like seniors.  People in India also don’t know what it’s like in Canada, so when you call them to say that the freezing snow was so heavy  it brought the line down and your siding with it, they have no clue what you’re talking about.  After about 15 minutes of trying to explain what siding was, I gave up.  They charge you $75 (!!) for a service call, regardless of whether they can make the repair.  And they don’t tell you whether they can or not until they get there.  I got the repair,  gave up my land line and said adios.

I don’t want to end this post on a sour note. City Hall gets kudos for handling their responsibilities correctly.  I have an automatic debit arrangement for my property tax, and I received a follow-up call from the desk supervisor to double-check the start date for the new arrangement.  City Hall.

Who would’ve thunk it.


4 thoughts on “Ah, Bureaucracies

  1. Wow. YOUR City Hall is wonderful.
    I just bought a cell phone from Bell today (pay as you go). I immediately got a $10. credit and I topped it up with $100. (good for 365 days or till the money runs out). So, I’m starting with $110.00, right. When I registered my account online, my balance is $99.25 and my expiration date is tomorrow. I tried calling Bell centre and left a message. I tried talking to someone online and they don’t accept my account number. Hm. Maybe I should have switched to someone else but they seem to have the best air service. Doesn’t anyone except YOUR City Hall know what’s going on?

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