Gettin’ Old is Gettin’ Fun.

I can barely believe I’m pushing 60.  I’ve got 4 more years, give or take, but still.

There are advantages of getting old, as I recently discovered.  It’s not all droopy boobs and a thickening waistline.

Recently,  I went shopping at The Bay.  It so happened to be the first tuesday of the month, and I had my eye on a Michael Kors watch that was half-price. The nice (young) clerk asked me (quite apologetically) if I qualified for a senior’s discount.  How old would I have to be, I asked.  55 and over, she answered.  I clapped my hands and giggled like a schoolgirl.  Another 15% off the watch!  I was thrilled. The clerk never saw a woman so delighted in being old.  After buying the watch, didn’t I turn around and buy a pair of sandals too.  I could get used to this.

Now I’m a senior discount addict.  I’m becoming pretty good at ferreting out which stores offer which discounts on which days.  It’s becoming quite a task to go shopping, driving all over the city to snag all the good discounts, let me tell you.

Mind you, not all stores offer the discount below age 60–The Bay, as it turned out, is one of them.  Seems that the clerk made a wee boo-boo. I happened to see the discount sign on the way out, announcing 60+ being the magic age, not 55+.    Did I go back to notify the clerk?  Not on your life.  I was on a senior discount high.

My senior purchases so far:


My Michael Kors watch, which I discover I can wear when I go skin-diving, should I ever try it.


Clarks sandals–the most comfy pair of sandals ever.


Gehwol Salve. Not the most glam purchase, but I got a discount!

I’ve also discovered that I can go to quite a number of vacation destinations and receive a senior’s discount, like this one:


Sonesta Maho Beach Resort and Casino, St. Maarten.

I would receive 35% off their best available rates.  That’s nuthin’ to sneeze at.

This aging business could turn out to be fun after all.


12 thoughts on “Gettin’ Old is Gettin’ Fun.

  1. Hell! I just ASK for it and so does Helen. Since most sales clerks are barely out of their teens, if not teens, we all look ancient. 😀

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