I must stop changing my mind.

So.  I’ve been working on my kitchen reno for what seems like an eternity, and hallelujah, I’m nearing the end.  And I’m so freakin’ sore I can’t believe it.  Here’s a synopsis of my kitchen adventure:

1.  painted and waxed 40 cupboards Annie Sloan Chateau Grey, which is actually green.

Image 3

Green cupboards with yellow maple floor.

2.  decided there was too much green, so re-painted and waxed 40 cupboards Annie Sloan Old Ochre, which is beige.


Annie Sloan Old Ochre on the cupboards. Notice the tiles scattered on the floor. More about that later on.

3.  decided that beige was too flat, and maybe I should have stuck to the green.  Went out and bought green paint–a melamine hybrid this time.

4.  painted all 40 cupboards with the melamine, which promptly started to peel.  (So much for paint and primer in one.)

5.  removed all 40 cupboards, and started to paint over with primer.  Changed my mind and decided to remove the paint.

6.  Bought Smart Strip to remove the paint.  Left a globby, sticky mess.  Hand-scraped 40 cupboards to remove globby mess.



6. Decided to sand.  Bought a mouse hand sander (the greatest invention EVER) and sanded all the cupboards of most of the paint and all of the glob.


Best sander EVER.

7.  Decided to repaint cupboards Annie Sloan’s Versailles. Pretty, but didn’t quite go with the counter.


8.  Proceeded to paint the floor, which was a yellowy maple hardwood.  Turned out like crap.

9.  Decided to cover the floor in tile.  Hated it.

10.  Lifted up all the tile and handscraped all the glue off the floor.  Took all night.


Tile graveyard.

11.  Bought resilient plank flooring by Target Master.  Chose the one that looks like hickory wood.  Perfect.


New flooring. Much better.

12. Proceeded to lay the floor, but was too tired and having multiple tantrums.  Buddy decided to hide in the basement.

13.  Called carpenter friend to lay it, but it would be a month; called handyman who sent an assistant to lay it a few days later.

14.  Decided to repaint the cupboards Eddy Bauer Barley. Perfect. (Ignore mess if you can.)


15.  Decided to remove my erstwhile farmer’s table top and use the old one.  Sanded, stained, and gave it a barley wash.  Perfect.



Distressed top. Gotta get my rustic on.

Yes, I am nuts.


10 thoughts on “I must stop changing my mind.

  1. Talk about patience. Karen you are a SAINT. If this had been me, I’d be bouncing off some rubber walls somewhere by now. The end result is beautiful. So, yes, you HAVE been busy. All done now or is there more soon?

    Congratulations on a job wonderfully done. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again. Holey Moley.

  2. Oh gawd woman, I got tired just reading about this remodel. And while the end product looks great, I have to say I really liked the first picture of the ‘green’ cupboards and thought I’d like that in my kitchen. Hope you now take time to enjoy your efforts. T

  3. Oh my!! Cannot believe you went through all of that. If it were me, I would have stayed with yellowing maple cupboards! LOL I would have gave up long ago. You do have patience and it looks lovely for sure. Looking forward to seeing it up close.

  4. Love the result! It looks gorgeous. If you get the impulse to change it again, call me first and I’ll tell you to step away from the mouse sander. 🙂

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