When Old Stuff Costs a Fortune, Make Your Own

I’m really miffed.

Old stuff is in.  Clothing, jewellery, furniture–you name it, it’s back in vogue.  And now it costs a fortune.

Recently I’ve been looking for an old farm table for my kitchen.  It wasn’t long ago that you could find one in a flea market for pennies. Not any more. Now they cost $1,000 or more, simply because there’s a demand now–and sometimes it’s not even reclaimed lumber.  What a rip-off.

I decided to make my own. Not the entire table, mind you, but the top.  This is what I did:


I took a trip to home depot and bought a couple of planks of pine framing lumber.  The nice home depot guy cut it for me, and did me an extra favour and cut down the legs of existing pub table (thanks Cory).

Then I beat the crap out of them, using my hammer, wood chisel, screws, and carpet ripper.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Weapons of Mass Destruction

That was the fun part. 🙂  Next, I applied some stain more or less willy-nilly.  I used American something-or-other and Colonial Maple.

Mix and Match Stain

Mix and Match Stain

So far so good.  Notice Clancy the cat resting on his perch near the window.  He didn’t give a fig about all the noise.  Buddy the dog, on the other hand, was hiding in the basement.

Anyway, I finished the rest of the beating and staining, and here’s the table so far:


Next to do is apply the polyacrylic finish, affix the planks, and then work on the legs.  Not bad, eh?

I love it when ideas actually come to fruition, and for a fraction of the cost.


12 thoughts on “When Old Stuff Costs a Fortune, Make Your Own

  1. Hey, this is awesome, Karen. You could go into business for yourself…
    I sneaked a peak at your workshop (tools and work bench, I’m guessing). Seems you’re not just a passing do-it-yourself-er

  2. thanks guys! You’re right Z, it is a good way to release stress. I’m going to do shelves next. Tess, that table is actually the table I’m covering (although it’s serving as a work bench now. I love my tools, although I just about impaled myself on the carpet ripper. 😐

  3. I went to a workshop, once, to see how the labouring people lived. It seemed like fun. The process of beating the crap out of perfectly good wood was called “distressing” and for the wood, I imagine it was. The guys used lengths of chain to whack the wood.
    Kudos for your results.

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