Ah, Home Ownership

My front lawn has grubs.  If you’ve never had the pleasure, it looks like 1400 golfers used my lawn as a driving range and left 14,000 divot holes.  The little buggers are chowing down big time, and soon my lawn will be a distant memory.

Can someone remind me why I bought a house?

I often wonder this.  The main reason, I think, was because I didn’t want to share walls anymore.  I wanted peace and quiet.  Which I don’t get, by the way, since I’ve got a jackass for a neighbour that plays really crappy music until all hours of the morning. So much for peace and quiet.  My apartment was quieter.

Back to the lawn situation.  I refuse to spend tons of money to fertilize, water, etc, in order to get a decent-looking lawn.  For that much money, I want something more or less permanent.

Which brings me to the best invention since sliced bread.  Grassless lawns.  Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?  But check this out:


Looks real, eh?  It’s artificial turf called SYNLAWN.


SYNLAWN is made for different types of foot traffic, both human and canine.  The cost is approximately $15 a square foot, so it’s not cheap.  The other option I’m considering is combining the use of SYNLAWN with landscaping, as in these photos:



While these options are costly, as least they’re permanent ones.  And I can’t wait to see grubs choke down synthetic grass.

Revenge is sweet.


2 thoughts on “Ah, Home Ownership

  1. Love the GREEN. I’ve heard about maintenance-free lawns a few years ago. Yes, expensive but like you figured out, landscaping is a good way to cut back the cost.

    Grubs sure are stupid. Don’t they know it’s cold outside. Shouldn’t they still be frozen?
    I had them one year. They were horrible. I dug up some and plastered them with my shovel but didn’t have the stomach for this for long. Ick.

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