Believe It Or Not

I was watching a documentary the other evening about these amazingly life-like dolls, called “Reborn” dolls.  They’re not mass produced, but created by individuals who sell them on-line.  Take a look at these, and remember–they’re not real:





Aren’t they amazing?  Not only do they look real, but their little bodies are weighted to feel real.

The dolls are purchased (or “adopted”) mainly by women (for themselves, not for their children.)  One woman, a mother of teen-age boys, said that she liked to go home and cuddle her doll after a hard day because it relaxed her.  Another woman took her doll with her when she ran errands, explaining that she liked the company.

I must say I’d love to hold one for a few minutes, but I can’t imagine dropping $4,000 for one.  I think I’ll stick to my fur babies.



17 thoughts on “Believe It Or Not

  1. Wow 4,000 a doll!!! But they are so real looking. Thanks for posting on this interesting topic Karen. I love your blogs. Big hugs!

  2. They really are incredibly lifelike. I could see nursing homes purchasing some of them. I’ve heard that some nursing homes find that some elderly people with dementia (mostly women) feel calmer when holding a “baby”, and this enables the staff to do things like cut their hair while they are calmly cradling a doll.

    As for the woman who liked to take hers out on errands for company, that seems a bit strange to me. Maybe she just wanted to park in the pink parking spots. 🙂

    • Good idea re use in a nursing home. When I worked in one when I was a student, the patients with dementia used to hold dolls all the time, although they weren’t near as nice as the “reborns”.

      I would love to have one just to park in those preggo/mommy only spots. 🙂

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