Chow Time

Recently, I decided to get some take-out from East Side Marios. It was a Saturday night and the restaurant was extremely busy–and noisy.  In fact, it’s one of the noisiest restaurants around, designed to sound like a busy New York bistro with its high acoustic metal ceilings.  I don’t know how people eat there–it’s like dining beside a runway during takeoff.

Anyway, as I was marvelling at the gastric constitution (and auditory tolerance) of East Side Marios’ patrons, it got me to thinking about other restaurant gimmicks.  Of course, there are some doozies. Here are some that stood out:

1. Guo-Li-Zhuang. Located in Beijing, this unusual restaurant specializes in serving up the penis and testes of animals of various species, such as horse, ox, dog, monkey, and sheep.  Note to self:  never eat here.


Ok. I’m gonna barf.

2.  Senses.  Senses is one of many restaurants of its type where patrons dine in pitch-black darkness, and are waited on by blind staff, or sighted staff wearing night-time vision goggles. While Senses allows you to select your dinner from a menu, other restaurants, like Dark Restaurant in the Ukraine, keeps its menu a mystery.  (You are allowed to tell wait staff what foods you dislike, however, just in case penis meat doesn’t appeal to you.)


Night-vision goggled wait staff serving mystery food in the dark. What’s not to like?

3.  Dinner in the Sky.  As the name implies, diners are hoisted 50 metres in the sky to partake of various culinary delights, served by approximately 5 staff at the table’s centre. Assuming the crane and cables don’t break and there’s no air turbulence, I think this could be fun.


Eating mid-air: pray there’s no air turbulence.

4.  Urban Pooch Cafe.  Now this one I like.  Located in Singapore, parents and furkids can dine together, cafeteria style.  Menu items include food for doggie and parent.  The restaurant also hosts dog “pawties”, has a doggie play area, and dog grooming services.


Food, parties, and more for the discerning dog.

5.  Bed Supperclub.  Feeling tired after a long day?  Thailand’s Bed Supperclub is for you. According to the website,

BED SUPPERCLUB is a ‘dining in bed’ experience. Best described as a unique combination of upscale restaurant, club, art gallery, theatre and stage merged into one. Housed in a custom-built building with a modern, all white futuristic setting, BED crosses the divide between dining and cutting edge entertainment. BED is the place you take your shoes off, lay down and feel at home.


Wonder if you can wear your jammies.

This all sounds exotic, but I wish they would bring back the good ole` drive-in restaurant, like Big Boy. You don’t have to leave your car, get all artsy-fartsy, eat mystery food, or eat while dangling in the air. Plus, the wait staff rollerskate carrying full trays of food, which is always fun to watch.


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