Amazing photos of fireworks by photographer Ian Spagnolo

Ian Spagnolo Photography

Sydney New Years 2013 21

Happy New Year!!!

I managed to tick another item off my bucket list by welcoming in a new year, in what I think is one of the most beautiful an iconic harbours in the world… Sydney Harbour.

As friends opened the door and welcomed me into their apartment, I was greeted with the magnificent panoramic view of what McMahons Point has to offer.

Sydney New Years 2013 02

Of course shortly after that the beer was flowing, and so were the tequila shots as I learnt the rules of the house. A boat cruising past the front door, 2 trains on the bridge or 2 rivercats on the harbour, 3 helicopters, 4 water taxis, 5 ferries, 6 Luna Park rides going at the same time, 7 harbour cruises, 9 sailboats or 10 seagulls on the edge of the pool all required a shot. Then there was the attempted re-creation of the Opera House from lime…

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