Chalk Paint

Let me start by saying that I’m not fond of painting, or rather, I don’t like all the fussy work of painting.  If I could just spatter paint on the walls I would be a happy camper.  However, a number of rooms in my house need some new colour, so like it or not I’ve had to bite the bullet and visit the paint store.

It was when I was looking for paint colours on-line when I stumbled on Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint .  Although it’s designed for furniture, it can be used on anything (wood, metal, glass) with no prep or sanding.  And no, it’s not actually made out of chalk, but it dries to a beautiful matte finish.  The other unique thing about the paint is the wax Annie Sloan created to work with her paint, creating  depth and texture reminiscent of Provęnce and old French furniture.  I’ve played with it a little, applying the duck egg blue on a heavily laquered wicker dresser.  This paint has virtually no smell, and goes a long way.  I’ll post some pics when I’m done.  In the meantime, here are some pieces that other folks have painted.


Annie Sloan paint, french linen with old white.


Annie Sloan’s Emperor Silk mixed with Old White.


One of my favourites: Annie Sloan duck-egg blue with Old White.


Annie Sloan Paint, with dark wax distressing.

I should add that it’s very easy to use, and will make an artist out of anyone.  Stay tuned for my future painting shenanigans.



2 thoughts on “Chalk Paint

  1. Aren’t they? I just love the dresser with the pink trim. It’s super easy to use, trust me (I’m no artist either!) Check out the videos on her website and you’ll see how quick and easy the paint is to use. 🙂

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