Hurricane Sandy and Lake Huron

The winds were deafening, amplified by the relentless rain.  It started Sunday, then worsened Monday, hitting its peak during the wee hours of Tuesday morning.  It lasted until 7:00, when the comparative silence indicated that the worst was over.

Did I say it was hard to sleep during a hurricane turned nor`easter?  Dang, it was.
Here are some photos of the wreckage where I live.  I’m so glad I wasn’t in NYC.



7 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy and Lake Huron

      • i remember when katrina hit the gulf coast; i was a mississippi transplant living in remote costa rica, and days went by before i saw live coverage on television. after about thirty seconds of watching, i wept and could not stop. i chose not to watch any more after that experience.

        my friends that are traveling with me in the ecuadorian andes are from pennsylvania, and i suspect they will have a similar reaction when we see coverage on television. we’ll be in transit again today.

        again, thanks for the info and photos.


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