The Little House

When I was younger, my dream was to own a house–not because it was a status symbol or anything, but because I wanted more space  (My first apartment was a “junior” one-bedroom; you could stand in the doorway and see every single room  without turning your head).

When I purchased my condo, I had more space but I still wasn’t happy–I hate stairs.  The condo was a townhouse layout, and if you were in the basement family room and realized you forgot your glasses in the bedroom (which I did all the time), you had to climb two flights of stairs to get them.

Then I purchased my house, a three-level side split. Only a few stairs to the bedroom and only a few stairs to the basement.  Heaven.  But (isn’t there always a ‘but’?)  I have way too much room now.  The majority of rooms are furniture cemeteries.  And, I have a sizable front and backyard which I hire someone to mow (I’m lazy, as you’re probably guessing.)

So now, 25 years later,  I’ve come full circle: I want less space.  Introducing The Little House.

“The Little House” in Toronto.

The Little House, as it is appropriately named, is located on Day Avenue, Toronto, Canada, in what was once known as the Earlscourt district.  Originally, the space was supposed to be a lane way  for an adjacent house, but the curb was never cut to allow access from the street.  Arther Weeden, a builder in Toronto’s west end, decided to build a house in the space instead.

Arther Weeden enjoying the porch, 1939.

The Little House was built in 1912 and is a teensy 312 square feet.  It is 47 feet long, with 6 windows and 5 doors, including the trap door to the basement (which itself is 5 feet high and 84 square feet). Here are more photos of this incredible space.

Interior view, toward back door. To the left is the Murphy Bed.

Murphy bed for The Little House.

The Kitchen area.

The Little House entrance.

House Layout.

There has been thought given to renovating the space via the addition of a second floor with a roof top garden.  An additional bedroom would also be created.

Second floor plan

Kind of like living on a houseboat, only on land.  A very skinny houseboat.


4 thoughts on “The Little House

  1. Wow, NICE to see YOU! Love the skinny house! I even wrote to a long time girlfriend because she once owned a skinny house for rent in T.O….Haven’t communicated with her forEVER.
    Mine is open concept in my daughter & husband’s family arrangement but the open concept enthuses me (OK–turns me ON). I cannot imagine living anywhere else. If it wasn’t for my books, how would a person decorate these empty walls?

    • I didn’t realize so much time lapsed since my last post. Where the heck did the September go?

      The open concept turns me on to, I must confess, and it must be great for an extended family like yours. The thing is, I feel compelled to decorate every room and wall surface in sight. Not good for the budget!

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