If You Don’t Live On The Beach…..

Fake it.

I live in a side split-style house built in 1964.  Not exactly a beach house, but I try.  I’ve been trying to incorporate beach design into my otherwise boring abode, using repurposed/preowned furniture and decor. When I’m done (if ever), I’ll post some pics, but for now I’d like to post some pics of my inspiration:  Tricia Rose’s beach house.

Tricia Rose is owner of Rough Linen, providing bedding and other household items hand-made with real linen fabric. (I happen to have her linen bed sheets, and they’re simply cozily scrumptious.)  She is also the resident of this way cool beach house.


Tricia’s Orkney linen duvet, smooth white linen sheets and pillow slips, capped off by her driftwood headboard.


Another shot of that gorgeous headboard.


Natural Orkney linen grace her dining table.


Tricia’s house on the bay at high tide–another inch, she says, and they would float away.




Her linen cushions in navy stripes, and various sun hats line the walls.


Tricia retrieving one of her sunhats.


Beautiful view from the deck.


Bathroom mirror framed in driftwood, reflecting bedroom with St. Bart’s fabric linen bedding.


Sometimes you just have to take it outside.

10 thoughts on “If You Don’t Live On The Beach…..

  1. These pics are AMAZING!!! I have so many questions, here goes:
    Did you take these pics yourself? Is Tricia a friend of yours?
    Where is this houseboat located? Seattle?
    I saw her website, it’s awesome! Where did she get the wood headboard and mirror?

    • Hi Lynnette;

      No I didn’t take the pictures myself–they’re from Tricia’s home and I assume she or a pal took them. 🙂 And no, Tricia isn’t a personal friend but a nice lady I ordered my sheets from. About the mirror–my guess is that she made it, like she makes most of everything in her house. She’s pretty handy!

      • I took most of the pictures myself Lynnette, and my husband took some as well. It isn’t a houseboat but an old duck-hunting cabin built on San Francisco Bay, in San Rafael: the lower level used to be a boathouse but is now my workroom. I collect driftwood from the shore and use it make the furniture – the headboard took about twenty minutes with a nail gun after several weeks of consideration. The best thing about living here is that it is a real neighbourhood – I love it!

  2. Sleeping on real flax linen is like nothing else. It wicks away moisture and keeps an even temperature. Your sheets are never cold (which is great in winter) and never get super hot if you’re lying in one place too long. And cozy–oh my god. Even Clancy the cat is in love with them.

    Maybe Tricia will clear a room for us all. 🙂

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